【Date of publication】2012/3/30 【Publication】Okinawa City Office
【Number of pages】78page 【Format】Letter size irregular 【Weight of book】160g
【Price】700円 【Sales status】On sale
This special issue published on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the “transportation of poisonous gases” looks back at this event from the testimonies of Okinawan who were involved in the disposal of poisonous gases as well as from various materials. Also, what was the grandiose business center concept conceived in the 1950s? Moreover, this book is packed with various information such as the souvenir business (souvenir stores) that had an impact on the city of Koza.
●都市の記憶(コザ孤児院、コザ暴動、闘牛、安慶田 大越商店)
 「証言① 登川区民としてとりくんだ毒ガス移送」/仲宗根正雄
 「毒ガス関係綴 美里村」
 「屋良朝苗日誌 第一次毒ガス移送関係」
 オフラハーティ文書①(レッドハット作戰 地元の反対)
 「証言② ジョンストン島でのこと」/當山征男