【Date of publication】2011/3/31 【Publication】Okinawa City Office
【Number of pages】70page 【Format】Letter size irregular 【Weight of book】120g
【Price】700円 【Sales status】On sale
This special issue published on occasion of the 40th anniversary of the “Koza Riot” verifies the incident from the perspectives of former journalists and researchers. In addition, the process of postwar reconstruction can be observed from the development of blacksmiths, steel industry, and “nabiya” (foundries) that created daily living tools by reusing “negative legacies.”
 「COLUMN① 『セレクト!』」/津波信一
 「COLUMN② 『解放区』の夢」/田仲康博
 「COLUMN③ ガリバーはいつ振り向いてくれるか」/恩河尚